A rebate I’d love to get

With all the tax credits, rebates, and other incentives being offered to get folks to insulate their homes, buy energy saving appliances, install solar panels, use CFLs, xeriscape yards, etc., why doesn’t someone pay us to plant trees?

Seriously, there are so many reasons to encourage the planting of more trees. Trees provide shade to help keep homes cool. They can serve as windbreaks to keep homes warmer in winter. They make great sound barriers to insulate homes from urban noise. They provide visual barriers between residential and non-residential areas. They provide privacy between homes. They prevent erosion and flooding. They provide shelter for wildlife. They convert carbon dioxide to oxygen. And while they’re doing all that, they add beauty and value to the property.

Bet your spiffy new Energy Star washing machine can’t do all that.


But wait, there’s more … More cool stuff you might not know about urban forests (e.g. they help extend the life of paved surfaces, increase traffic safety, and even influence how much consumers are willing to pay for goods)

One thought on “A rebate I’d love to get

  1. They provide a chorus at dawn and arias in the evening. 🙂

    Also, why did I know you were going to use the newest theme?
    Oh snap, I forgot two of the best things! Thanks for adding them.

    As for the theme change, great minds think alike. Not sure I like this better than Vigilance, but it’s close.

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