Coming to you live from the Gulf of Mexico

Why wait till it reaches a beach near you to see BP’s greatest oil extravaganza? Now you can watch it live, as it happens, on the ocean floor, thanks to live streaming video disarmingly labeled “plume monitoring.”

Isn’t technology wonderful? It seems it can do almost anything these days — except cap a blown-out well.

Anyway, BP doesn’t want you to miss a second of their spectacular display on the floor of the Gulf of Mexico (now 36 days and counting), so here’s their live feed (be patient, it will load):

[vodpod id=Video.3700668&w=425&h=350&fv=]

There are conflicting reports about whether BP will stop the live feed tonight while attempting their “top kill” to seal the well.  Although the White House is demanding the feed stay on, don’t be surprised if there are “unexpected technical difficulties.” (Or, as it appears at 7:30 pm MDT, they just point the camera at something other than the gushing oil.)

The above feed, from Mobile, Alabama station WKRG, is also available directly from BP.

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