Going to the birds

National news has been the pits lately. But I do have a couple of places I love to visit to unwind. Both are streaming webcams and I’ve mentioned them before. Right now they are better than ever.

Phoebe on a previous nest

Phoebe the hummingbird now has two very healthy babies, Hope and Hoku, in her golf-ball sized nest. You’ll recall she’s had a rough time this spring, losing one baby to something I could only describe as an avian “failure to thrive.” She laid another clutch, only to have the eggs stolen by a crow. But now, with one of the highest quality steaming webcams I’ve seen, and an incredible zoom, you can literally count the feathers on her babies. A nearby fountain and other birds add wonderful aural ambiance. Tune in (Calif. daylight hours only), breathe deep, and relax. It’s nature at her finest.

Or, for something on a slightly larger scale, check in on Molly the barn owl. Actually, you won’t see her much anymore, except for her brief stops to drop off goodies for her four almost-grown babies. It’s a thrill a minute after dark as the young owls venture out of their box and onto nearby perches, testing their wings as they go. The first actual flight occurred in the wee hours this morning and it must have been thrilling for those who’ve watched and waited all these weeks. Molly’s place is equipped with both a day cam and an infrared night cam. You might want to take a peek just to see what’s attracted more than 11 million hits since March.

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