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Phoebe hatches Hope

Tiny one-day-old Hope shares nest with sibling due to hatch tomorrow

Remember my going bonkers over Phoebe the hummingbird a few months ago? Undeterred by the death of her last baby, nor attacks by lizards and egg-stealing crows, she has soldiered on, built an entirely new nest from scratch (as opposed to refurbishing one of her old ones), and laid two eggs.

Yesterday morning, Mother’s Day dawn, the first egg hatched and  a viewing audience of thousands cheered the arrival of tiny little Hope. The second egg is expected to hatch tomorrow morning.

You don’t have to love birds to be fascinated by Phoebe; she has a charm all her own. The camera is zoomed in tight, the picture is very sharp; you can almost count her feathers and the spider silk threads anchoring her nest. As you look in on her, though, you’ll have to keep reminding yourself that she’s only three inches long, her nest is the size of a golf ball, and her eggs are the size of Tic Tacs. Now try to imagine a live baby bird emerging from an egg that small.

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