Giving away one of my worst kept secrets

4 thoughts on “Giving away one of my worst kept secrets”

    1. In this electronic age, print magazines and newspapers are dying. The smartest ones, however, are finding ways to prosper, or at least survive, online.

  1. As nice as it is to riffle through those Sunday morning papers, do the crossword puzzles, etc. this new medium is quite obviously unstoppable. It’s instantaneous nature is every bit as fascinating as that advantage which this post describes. One can only hope that with each great shift in media, the content will grow and improve. I still buy the Boston Globe on Sundays. It costs $4 up here in NH. The NYT is $6.

    1. I was addicted to my morning paper for decades. Then I cut back to just the Sunday paper. I finally gave it up about five years ago when I realized that, more often than not, I was throwing it out without even opening it. It was no longer being thrown within arm’s reach of my front door. The paper didn’t change; the service did.

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