He likes me! He really likes me! (Cafferty, that is)

Okay, I’m running out of exclamations here. CNN’s Jack Cafferty just read one of my comments on the air — again! In fact, this time he closed his segment with it!

This was the third time in the last two months or so that he’s read one of my comments on national TV. International, actually, as one of my readers pointed out. What were the odds?

Today’s question was, “Does ‘angry’ best describe how you feel about midterm elections?” My flip reply was, “Yep, ‘angry’ works. I’m way past all those other emotions — the ones that imply I’m somehow still willing to cut Washington some slack. I’m fresh out of slack.”

I was logged in as Pi and signed myself Sarah, Denver, CO, if you want to go read Cafferty’s full commentary. Once it’s aired in all time zones, it will list the comments that made it on the air. At least I think that’s the way they do it. If not, you’ll have to find my comment by scrolling through all the comments.

Gotta tell ya, it’s some kind of weird to hear and see your own words coming back at you from a national TV dude.


Previous flirtations with Jack:

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