Decidedly pied

10 thoughts on “Decidedly pied”

  1. That’s so funny! Based on the complaints I get from the the built-in WP text checker, I must be a terrible writer. But I bookmarked that link for later, when I can think of something to try it out on. 😀

    1. Don’t let the WP checker intimidate you. It’s wrong or ill-informed or incomplete so often that I stopped using it. (Admittedly, as a former editor, I’m rather opinionated about things like that.)

      1. I think it’s that Wallace wrote how many bloggers write and bloggers are using samples from their blogs. Just a hunch.

      2. Hmm. What does it say about Wallace that his writing is similar to the work of many bloggers? (Not familiar with his work myself.) Bloggers, of course, can take heart in knowing their work is similar to that of a published writer.

        Again, it would be interesting to know what the analyzer considers and compares. Vocabulary? Sentence length and structure? Subject matter?

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