Month: August 2010

Wedding ’65

Chelsey Clinton’s wedding was big news recently. Why, I’m not sure. But it was. And it dove-tailed with this post, started a while back when I came across a little story about customs you don’t have to observe when planning… Read More ›

Email, browsing, and bugs

I’ve learned something new this week about Internet security and privacy. Web bugs. Also known as web beacons. If you already know about them, you’re wondering what rock I’ve been living under. If you don’t know about them, listen up…. Read More ›

Who do you trust?

This week BP finally got its oil-spewing hole in the Gulf of Mexico shut down. The final cementing via a relief well is still to come, but the flow has been stopped. And, miraculously, most of the three or four… Read More ›

Great news for wolves

I just received an email from Defenders of Wildlife, although I am not a member. It states, in part: As a result of a lawsuit brought in federal court by Defenders of Wildlife and other conservation groups, wolves in Greater… Read More ›

Kagan confirmed

By a vote of 63-37, Elena Kagan has been confirmed as the newest U.S. Supreme Court justice. I’ve been meaning to say something about her since her nomination, but frankly I haven’t had that much worth saying. As the first… Read More ›