Who do you trust?


This week BP finally got its oil-spewing hole in the Gulf of Mexico shut down. The final cementing via a relief well is still to come, but the flow has been stopped.

And, miraculously, most of the three or four months’ worth of oil is suddenly gone! BP, who couldn’t seem to get anything right from Day One and has lied about almost all of it, has announced it can’t find any more oil. Personally, I can’t help wondering just how hard they’ve looked.


It seems the U.S. Coast Guard is in cahoots. What, you say? An arm of the U.S. government is in bed with corporate giants? Well, cynic that I am, I tend to believe Plaquemines Parish (La.) President Billy Nungesser, who said that he flew over the same “oil free” areas Adm. Thad Allen flew over and that surface oil was still evident. Perhaps Allen’s older eyes are beginning to cloud a bit.

Nungesser also said that even though BP promised they would stay until everything was cleaned up, trucks laden with BP oil boom were already leaving the area and thousands of clean-up workers had been fired.

So, yes, I don’t believe all that oil is gone. I don’t believe all the glop and sheen from the surface is gone. I don’t believe all the oil dispersed throughout the water column in all the currents in all of the Gulf is gone. I don’t believe all the tar balls on all the beaches have been picked up. I don’t believe all the contamination in the marshes and on the sea floor is gone and all the wildlife is clean and safe again.

Capping the week, if you’ll pardon the pun, new BP CEO Doug Suttles told reporters:


“Clearly there’s lots of oil and gas there and we’ll have to think about what to do with that at some point.”

Translation: You bet your sweet ass we’ll drill there again.

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