The rally for the rest of us

Ariana Huffington just appeared on Jon Stewart’s The Daily Show and made a very generous offer. Not only is she planning to take a bus from the HuffPo offices to Stewart’s Rally to Restore Sanity in Washington October 30, but she’s invited anyone else who needs a ride to go with her. And she’ll get as many buses as necessary to accommodate everyone.

What a hoot that would be, riding to and from the rally on a bus filled with like-minded Stewart fans. This thing is picking up steam. It’s getting lots of air time on the news programs. Colbert even got to mention it during his Congressional testimony at the Capitol, although I don’t think that was the place for him to speak in character.

Come on, America. We can do this. We need this. All Stewart wants is for Americans to get together without accusing each other of being Hitler and without letting the shouters control the conversation.

Now Colbert, on his show, is telling his audience to come to his rally, The March to Keep Fear Alive, in the costume of whatever he has taught them to fear the most.

Stewart’s rally has a Facebook page, with a link for buying T-shirts. Colbert also has a Facebook page with a T-shirt link.

2 thoughts on “The rally for the rest of us

    1. Everyone is welcome as long as they play nicely with others and don’t call anyone Hitler. Stewart says Hilter is getting really pissed that a couple of flyweight American politicians are being compared to him.

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