Airing dirty laundry at the U.N.


The Obama administration, in a report to the United Nations Human Rights Council, has included the Arizona immigration law controversy.

What possible justification is there for including an ongoing internal U.S. controversy in a report to an international agency? The Arizona law, its constitutionality, states’ rights — all are being examined at this time. If and when the matter becomes settled law, then and only then it might be appropriate to include the law in some kind of report to the U.N., although why any of our internal matters are reportable to the U.N. is a mystery.

Reportedly Secretary of State Hillary Clinton made the decision to include the dispute in her report to the U.N. to demonstrate to the world how the U.S. deals with such issues. At the very least, she acted prematurely, considering the entire matter is still very much unsettled. (And honestly, would you hold up our immigration mess to the world as an example of how we do things??)

Nor is the controversy an issue of human rights. Nobody has an inherent human right to cross illegally into the U.S. or any other country. It’s not a basic human right to stay in a country in violation of that country’s laws. The issue is, and always has been, legal rights, not human rights.

The U.S. government itself could have challenged the law on whatever basis it wanted, but it chose to challenge Arizona’s right as a state to enact and enforce immigration law, contending that only the federal government can do so. It couldn’t, after all, effectively challenge the provisions of the law since they mirror existing U.S. immigration law.

The U.S. government itself relegated the issue to a jurisdictional dispute. Clinton and the Obama administration are wrong to include it in a report to an international human rights agency.

5 thoughts on “Airing dirty laundry at the U.N.

  1. Good grief! Is there no end to the ways in which the Obama administration acts to show how ill prepared it is to deal with the real world? This reminds me of an exchange in the old Sanford and Son show, where Aunt Esther says that Fred, “ain’t nothing but a silly fool!” To which Fred responds, “And you ain’t nothin’ but a sessy pool!” 😆

  2. You guys just have a problem with your expectation level. Just lower it far enough and you’ll be able to take incompetence in stride. Heck… I did that when I heard who the Republicans and Democrats chose to be their presidential candidates. I have to admit though that I’m having to re-lower my expectation level for Hillary. I would have bet she’d resign rather than create fodder for the opponents in her next presidential bid, but here she is going along with idiots just as if she didn’t realize it. If she’s acting, we need an Oscar for political performances.

    1. I’ve lost track of my re-lowerings. It’s just so damned hard to keep up! (Or down?) Hillary had gone up a notch or two since the election, but with this stunt and her smiling oversight of the latest, greatest new-and-improved Israeli-Palestinian “peace” talks, I’m going to have to do an emergency double re-lowering for her.

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