World TVs tuned to Chilean rescue

Florencio Avalos, the first miner out

The world is watching and rejoicing this evening as 33 Chilean miners are being pulled one by one from their underground prison of 69 days.

The entire story has been so uplifting, so full of hope (after early despair), so absolutely fascinating with its detailed engineering plans, medical contingencies, etc.

It’s a shining story of heroism and hard work, coming at a time when Americans are sharply divided over a really hateful political scene. What a wonderful respite and reminder of where our priorities should lie.

It’s good news. I’d almost forgotten what good news feels like.

2 thoughts on “World TVs tuned to Chilean rescue

  1. It was heartwarming to watch on the news last night, but sad that every commercial break was full of negative senate campaing ads. The paradox world we live in.

    1. Hey, long time, no see. I take it you mean a local news station. They’re almost unendurable now with the wall-to-wall political ads. It’s enough to make a voter scream.

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