2010 in review

8 thoughts on “2010 in review”

  1. I would be a contributor to the Google Reader stats. Love the search terms about aliens. On mine, the page with the most hits was the one about new cigarette packaging, keywords “gross smoking photos.” Between that and your “ugliest dog,” I take this as further proof that the Internet is driven primarily by people’s desire to see things that turn them off. 😉 (And I know that was grammatically horrific. However, I will worry about grammar tomorrow.)

    1. Bizarre, gross, sensational, extreme. It all sells, along with sex. I guess it’s too much to hope that people would land here because they were looking for “most astute political observer” or something.

  2. I’ve enjoyed your blog this year, haven’t commented as often I should…
    Funny I got the exact same message from WordPress. I’m wondering if anyone got one that said your blog is “blah”.?

      1. I agree with you there.. except I had JUST posted my stats for the year…
        Damn could have saved the time.

        Thought of you last Tuesday when I was in Denver for about 6 hours.

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