I still don’t regret voting for Obama

A year and one day ago, I wrote that I didn’t regret voting for Pres. Obama. I still don’t, for all the same reasons. So little has changed that the post would be perfectly apropos today.

This evening Pres. Obama will deliver his State of the Union address, or SOTU, as the media like to call it. POTUS, FLOTUS, SCOTUS, SOTU. Ugh! Was this going on before Twitter and texting came along? Anyway, I’ll probably be watching the address and the Republican reply even though I don’t expect anything meaningful to be said. I’ll watch because I prefer to hear it for myself and form my own opinions, rather than suffer through the opinions and analyses of every reporter in the country. Or maybe I’ll just read the transcripts tomorrow.

Perhaps I should have saved this for tomorrow. I might be convinced tonight that I’ve been enduring an administration I never should have voted for. But I doubt it. I still haven’t forgotten what the alternative was.

2 thoughts on “I still don’t regret voting for Obama

  1. I watched. It was a good speech. Full of bi-partisan rhetoric. The Republican and “Tea Party” response was, well, almost funny to me. It seemed like Obama was saying, “let’s work together and get some of these things done.” Lot’s of clapping on both sides. Then the responses came back, which I can sum up as essentially “Fuck you.”

    1. I sort of watched. I had the TV on, but was only half listening while working on my laptop. It was clear the Tea Party is having none of that kumbaya stuff. No surprise there. Give it a few more weeks and I’m sure Washington will be back to business as usual (partisan, nasty).

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