Rumors of my death have been greatly exaggerated

My readers, all three of them, have probably noticed my recent paucity of posts. No good reason, really. More like excuses. The elections left me burned out on politics and news. Besides, you don’t want to read yet another item about John Boehner’s crying and how I think the man must be emotionally unstable.

Then came the holidays. Then the biggest reason. A new Xbox game for Christmas. Fallout New Vegas. Sorry folks, but I can be quite the addict sometimes. This game follows Fallout 3, that I got for Christmas last year. And when I’ve gotten through FNV, I have my eye on Red Dead Redemption. A Western video game? I’ve got to try it.

When the ol’ thumbs get a bit too sore, I pop some aspirin and switch over to the TV, where a lot of series are kicking off their new seasons. I prefer dramas — cops, lawyers, doctors — and the one comedy that really floats my boat — The Big Bang Theory. Maybe I’m a sucker for the geeks because my son and his friends are geeks, and I say “geek” with great admiration.

Tomorrow, of course, the NFL playoffs start, and my son’s coming over to watch the Seahawks (his favorite team) get stomped at home by the Super Bowl champion Saints.

Anyway, just thought I’d let you know I’m not dead yet, despite what my high school alum magazine reported last month.

6 thoughts on “Rumors of my death have been greatly exaggerated

  1. Never had a doubt! While I’m not much for video games, I too have found many distractions beyond the blog. End the though, I know we’ll both hit the keys when we have something “important” to say! 😀

  2. I love that word: paucity!

    I need to check into Big Bang Theory. My geek buds at work all love it. My wife and I are total crime show addicts. Lie to Me, Criminal Minds, Medium, etc. It’s horrible.

    1. I watch all those. “The Good Wife” is probably my favorite. Also “The Mentalist.” The paranormal/ghost thing in “Medium” doesn’t appeal to me, however.

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