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Cut heating assistance now? Seriously?

I strongly support cutting federal spending. Average folks know when they’re in financial straits, the first thing they need to do is tighten their belts and cut spending. I’m also well aware that the minute the government starts budget cutting, the entities feeling the cuts are going to object loudly.

That said, I still strongly oppose Pres. Obama’s proposed cuts to subsidies for low-income heating assistance. Fer cryin’ out loud, why would he propose such a thing, especially in the middle of this historically harsh winter? People die without adequate heat! Even during normal winters.

Better to cut funding for studies of polygamous turtle doves or chocoholic rats or something. Or if that’s not enough, cut some of those generous foreign aid packages or stop waging unwinnable war. Maybe there’s a rationale for starting with programs immediately critical to human survival, but I can’t think of one.

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