Cut heating assistance now? Seriously?

I strongly support cutting federal spending. Average folks know when they’re in financial straits, the first thing they need to do is tighten their belts and cut spending. I’m also well aware that the minute the government starts budget cutting, the entities feeling the cuts are going to object loudly.

That said, I still strongly oppose Pres. Obama’s proposed cuts to subsidies for low-income heating assistance. Fer cryin’ out loud, why would he propose such a thing, especially in the middle of this historically harsh winter? People die without adequate heat! Even during normal winters.

Better to cut funding for studies of polygamous turtle doves or chocoholic rats or something. Or if that’s not enough, cut some of those generous foreign aid packages or stop waging unwinnable war. Maybe there’s a rationale for starting with programs immediately critical to human survival, but I can’t think of one.

7 thoughts on “Cut heating assistance now? Seriously?

  1. This is going to sound harsh and unfeeling, but rationing is what you inevitably get when you give up freedom for a little security. We’re in for a lot more of it because we’re bankrupt.

  2. Caution: Muddle Headed Leftist Rant Follows …

    Like Joe says, we’re bankrupt, but it really rankles me that they are so reluctant to cut military spending, far and away the most tragic waste going. Not saying we don’t need strong armed forces, but let’s ALL pitch in. Bring back the lottery draft, or require 2 years of national service from every able-bodied young adult.

    Get rid of the WMD stockpiles and stop developing ever more horrific death tools. We’re good on that stuff. Enough already.

    The “security” we get by killing (or bribing) our “enemies” is false. It feeds the cycle of hatred and fear.

    Then socialize medicine and turn all insurance companies into non profits. Disease is NOT a profit center.

    1. I’ve a natural bias against socialized medicine (my dad was a doctor). But I certainly agree that military spending should not be “off budget” and sacrosanct. There are huge savings to be had there. At least the House today voted down the F-35 engine.

    2. That doesn’t sound like a muddle headed leftist rant to me David. Sounds almost like the same old Libertarian gospel I’ve been touting for 30 years. Except: We don’t need a coercive draft to insure the defense of a nation that minds it’s own business and has fewer militant enemies. Otherwise… right on.

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