Month: March 2011

Nothing he said

Last night President Obama tried mightily, in the loftiest of terms, to defend U.S. involvement in Libya. Yet the soaring ideals he espoused seemed no more applicable to Libya than to any other nation facing a rebellion. His reasoning seemed… Read More ›

Nothing he can say

President Obama will address the nation tomorrow night to explain U.S. involvement in Libya. Or at least, attempt to explain. How many times has he already tried to explain — first why he was keeping us out of Libya, then… Read More ›

The giraffe is back

DirecTV’s silly Russian guy is back with another ad. He has added a weightlifter to his entourage of beautiful women. Also back and busily upstaging him is his mini giraffe. No longer a lazy, pampered pet, the giraffe is now… Read More ›

Why AP spells it ‘Gadhafi’

More than forty years after Libya’s leader seized power, there is still no consensus on the spelling of his name. CNN and MSNBC prefer “Gadhafi”; the New York Times and Fox News use “Qaddafi”; the Washington Post prefers “Gaddafi” and… Read More ›