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Arizona birther law: Bring it on

The Arizona Legislature has passed a bill requiring presidential candidates to produce birth certificates to prove they were born in the U.S. in order to get on the Arizona ballot. If Gov. Jan Brewer (R) signs it, it will become law. The bill was instigated by “birthers” who hope to keep President Obama off the 2012 ballot, and reportedly 13 other states are considering similar bills.

Personally, I think birthers are wingnuts. However, I would happily support such a law — provided all voters have to prove their citizenship in the same way in order to vote; also, birth certificates to get driver’s licenses, Social Security numbers, guns, business licenses, building permits, airline tickets, mortgages, jobs, education, and health care.

Sauce for the goose; sauce for the gander. I can live with that.

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