Beware of geotagging when posting photos and videos

Typical geotag information

About a year ago I wrote about why you shouldn’t post children’s pictures on the Internet. As an addendum to that, please remember that many of today’s smart phones and cameras embed geotag information in their photos and videos. This information can tell people where the photo was taken and, if was taken at your home … well, just ask yourself if you really want to reveal that kind of information to every stranger who happens to see your photos.

Reportedly, celebrities have inadvertently revealed their home addresses this way. Sellers on Craigslist have given away the location of their expensive merchandise, often in conjunction with information about when they will or won’t be there.

Often the geotag feature can be turned off, and failing that, there are applications to remove it from photos. Geotagging, properly used, is great technology. But if you aren’t aware it’s there, it could be a problem.

Bottom line, you shouldn’t post your kids’ pictures at all, and you should make sure the photos you do post are not geotagged.

... and that's my two cents