Vote early, vote often

Okay, voting often is not cool, even if it’s only a poll. But I am encouraging early voting. I’ve added a poll to the Pied Type sidebar that I plan to keep up for a long time. After all, the next presidential election isn’t until November 2012.

It’s safe to assume the Democrats’ nominee will be incumbent Barack Obama. But the Republicans? Who knows. Candidates seem to appear and disappear every day. What’s your best guess? Who do you think will win the GOP nomination? (You don’t have to be a Republican, a registered voter, or even a U.S. citizen to express your opinion.)

By all means, comment liberally (or conservatively) if you want to explain or elaborate on your vote. It’s still very early, and much could change in the next 18 months, including this poll. I can add or delete names as needed (I won’t delete anyone who gets a vote) or as suggested by you.

3 thoughts on “Vote early, vote often

  1. I’m chicken.

    I don’t want to say who I think will probably be the Republican nominee for fear that it will be interpreted as my preference.

    It’s just my opinion of course, but: About the only way my preferred candidate can win the nomination is if we’re involved in a couple more invasions of other sovereign nations, the national debt is over 16 trillion, the dollar is worth half its current value (gold is $3000/ounce), more innocent citizens have been slaughtered in “No Knock” raids by SWAT teams in search of student loan repayments and more arrests of people who commit “victimless crimes” and voters reach a point where another status quo candidate simply won’t do anymore. My vote for Ron Paul would almost be like me advocating all these things coming to pass and I’m reluctant to do that.

    On the other hand… Now that it’s understood that I’m equally reluctant to give the impression that Mitt Romney gets a positive statistical nudge because of my disdain for the typical Republican primary voter, I’m voting for Ron Paul without fear of being thought to hope the current administration fails in almost every way possible.

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