Miss me?

3 thoughts on “Miss me?”

  1. A long shot…

    If your old router has more ports in the back than you are using, try hooking it back up and using different ports than you were using before. Often times, it’s only a port that’s gone bye bye.

    If you know how to log on to the router, you probably only need to configure it the same way the old one is configured. If it’s only a port problem and you can log onto it, you can copy the configuration over to the new one.

    It might be worth trying.

  2. I’d no sooner published this post than my son called and asked if he could come over to fix my network. Which he did. I didn’t read your comment until after he left. I’m not touching the new router now, but I will keep the old one on the off chance that 3 of the 4 ports might still work. Never occurred to me to try a different port. Duh.

    Good thing he’s bringing the Mac over this weekend. I think the touchpad on this laptop has just decided to croak. When it rains, it pours.

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