Rediscovered — my all-time favorite screensaver

I feel like a kid in a candy store right now.

You remember screensavers, don’t you? Back in the day you absolutely had to use them or you’d burn weird images into your monitor’s screen. And there were screensavers galore to choose from and play with, settings to tweak just so, etc. Everyone had a favorite or two. But with the advent of flatscreen monitors, they sort of fell into disuse.

Well, this morning I was over at IzaakMak’s blog and WriterDood, bless his heart, made a comment that reminded me of my all-time favorite screensaver, Maya Paint Effects. I used to save screenshots of it to use for art in various projects. Anyway, I thought it was long gone. At some point when I switched computers, it was no longer available. But I googled it today anyway, for old times’ sake.

Voila! It is available once again. Actually, it seems it has been for quite a while. But by golly, I now haz it again! I can spend hours playing with this thing, setting all kinds of parameters — light or dark background with flowers, barbed wire, oils, grass, galaxy, etc. generated in tubes, spirals, pipes, wiggles, or randomly  — and coming up with all sorts of painted images. Never the same thing twice. I used to have it set to kick off with a single key stroke; I wonder if I can still do that.

Anyway, if you’ve never seen it and you’re into playing with artsy screen toys, try it. I’m still using Windows Vista, but with luck, it will run on your computer. I think there’s a Mac version available, too.

5 thoughts on “Rediscovered — my all-time favorite screensaver

  1. Wow, I loved playing with screensavers on my old systems! I stopped using them primarily because I ran across so many “broken” ones (that screwed up my system in one way or another) that it made using them when there was no need a bit too risky. However, I went ahead and downloaded the one you linked to because I just couldn’t resist the description.

    BTW, thanks for the plug! 😀

    1. I hope this one works for you and doesn’t screw up your system. Seems to be working okay for me so far, and this laptop is really decrepit and underpowered.

      (You’ll get the bill for that plug next week 😉 )

  2. I may give it a try. Seems like a wonderful way to suck up processor power. Of course, since I have to lock my machine every time I get up, it probably won’t ever get a chance to run.

    If you don’t lock your computer around here, bad people come and send emails to the rest of the company in your name, inviting them over to your house and saying that you’ll supply the booze.

    1. I think there’s a way to password-protect the screensaver, so once it comes up, it can’t be turned off without entering the password, thus protecting your computer. Which is why it was convenient to be able to start the screensaver with a single keystroke. But maybe I’m “mis-remembering” all this.

      And shame on your co-workers. People should keep their hands off other people’s computers.

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