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Denver heating up — and it’s not the weather

We can all use a little news on the lighter side these days, and that’s what’s coming out of Denver next week. We are hosting … drum roll, please … the International Pole Dance Championship!

Although associated with seedy strip clubs, competitive pole dancing requires a great deal of strength and athleticism. Think acrobatics rather than dancing. I know this because in a moment of weakness, I watched “America’s Got Talent” one night and saw a couple of pole dancers. But the Denver competition is serious. Seriously. It even has categories such as pole amateur, pole pro, non-traditional pole showcase, public competition, and star improvisations.

But wait, there’s more. You can see all this for a mere $20 admission. Wow. Personally, I’d rather watch the X Games.

However, for those interested, the story from Huffington Post’s Denver office includes photos of some of the competitors.


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