Here we go again

President Obama said today Syria’s president Bashar al-Assad, must go. Al-Assad is killing his own citizens. He’s violating human rights. There’s a humanitarian crisis in progress.

Yes, and as a matter of fact,  it’s been going on for months. And belatedly, finally, our president has joined European leaders and NATO in demanding al-Assad step down. Or else.

Or else what? We’ll issue stronger demands? We’ll impose more sanctions? Maybe a no-fly zone? We’ll get indignant and stamp our feet? We’ll send him to his room with no supper?

If he continues to ignore our demands, we might even have to launch a “strictly humanitarian mission” and send U.S. troops to Syria to help our allies and the activists in Syria. Just for a week or so. Strictly in a “support role,” of course. No boots on the ground. See, that way you can’t say we’re invading. That way we aren’t actually intervening in the internal affairs of another nation.

Sure sounds familiar, doesn’t it?

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