Hey, WordPress, check this out

In a previous post about things I’d like to see added to WordPress themes, I mentioned liking dynamic features, features that change or move or work in interesting ways. WordPress has introduced a few of them in some themes. Featured posts that change or slide horizontally. Widgets that incorporate several  tabs — categories, archives, comments — in one widget.

I just came across a widget I’d love to see in a WordPress theme, either as a gallery on a photo blog, or as a way to show recent or featured posts. Check out the “archive” widget in the right sidebar here. You’ll have to scroll down the page a bit.

The artist’s work is pretty cool, too.

4 thoughts on “Hey, WordPress, check this out

  1. That widget is awesome, and the artist is pretty damned good too. Thanks for the link!

    Amongst other things, I’d like to have a widget that would provide what my “All-Time Champs” widget does – list the top X most viewed posts on my blog. I thought that was what the “Top Rated” widget was supposed to do, but it doesn’t. The one I have was created manually, using a Text widget, from my all-time stats page, which means I have to manually update it from time to time as well.

    1. Yep, “Top Rated” is really only those posts getting the most action in the last few days. All-Time Champs is a whole different breed of cat. And one WP is quite capable of providing, given all their stat-keeping. Both would look great in that widget I linked to. I’d go out of my way to include an image in every post if I had a widget like that to feed.

      A theme with a “featured posts” section would be good for showing off a few of your All-Time Champs. I’ve thought about switching to one so that I could either do that, or feature old posts that are newly relevant because of recent news events, etc.

      Er, I rather like that All-Time Champs idea. I might borrow it, if you don’t mind …

      1. Not at all. Go for it! 😀

        You know we’ve discussed the switching themes thing before. One of my main worries about switching has always revolved around the issue of image and video display size. Way back when I first discovered that allowed for much larger images and videos, I started adding codes to my posts to take advantage of it. Now I’m afraid that I’d have to make massive changes to adapt to anything with less capacity… I wonder if I could do a global search and replace of specific codes in a backup XML file? I’d already been thinking of trying that to swap my categories and tags to the way they’re normally used… 😕

        1. I have no good answer. With so many options and every theme being different, it’s virtually impossible to anticipate all the problems you’ll encounter in any switch. And yet I keep switching …
          Image size is definitely one of the problems. No matter how I set the minimums, maximums, etc., something always seems to get messed up. Images that didn’t break the frame before, now break it. Images that should expand to a wider measure, don’t. Images I thought were a fixed size, shrink. Goodness knows what my older posts look like. I’m not about to scroll back through 1,200 or so posts, checking every single one for anomalies.

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