Nothing funny about Irene

Irene cone of probability
Irene's cone of probability

Not to minimize the danger and disruption that Hurricane Irene is about to spread up the East Coast, but I’ve gotten a bit fixated on one recurring detail in the reporting.

Every time a meteorologist stands in front of a weather map and points out the “cone of probability” for Irene’s path, I can’t help thinking of Maxwell Smart’s “cone of silence” in the old TV comedy series “Get Smart.”

Of course, you have to be of a certain age to even remember that 1960s show, but I am and I do. It’s annoying, really, because Irene is no laughing matter.

Stay safe, all you East Coasters.

6 thoughts on “Nothing funny about Irene

  1. I’m kinda vague on the “cone of silence,” but I certainly remember watching Get Smart! Apparently, they had several variants:

    And as much as I want to mock the hell out of the way they’re covered, I also know that hurricanes are definitely nothing to joke about. I remember thinking how silly all the hype was about Ike’s threat to the gulf coast a couple of years back, only to have the damned thing end up wreaking havoc all the way up here in Ohio. I thought my apartment building was going to go down, and some people were without power for weeks! 😯

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