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Old ladies and naked men

A funny thing happened on the way to my post about flash mobs. I had it all set up and was ready to click the “Publish” button. Then something caught my eye. That photo … what is that … zoom in … is that a … refer to larger image … nahhh! Really? … zoom in on larger image … Maybe. Okay, find another picture. (ten minutes later) Never mind, crop the original photo and use it.

We all know how the human mind finds familiar images in totally random patterns. We’ve all seen pictures of toast where some people imagine/see an image of Jesus. We’ve all seen shapes in a darkened room and imagined for a moment they were an intruder, or a monster from under the bed.

That said, here’s the picture as it was originally cropped (click for larger version):

Now I ask you, is there a naked man standing in the second floor window watching the police below? (And save your wisecracks about lonely old women; I’ve already thought of all of them!)

I’m going to pre-date this post so it won’t appear right next to its predecessor on the front page. But I couldn’t not publish it. I’m still laughing at myself.

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