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Month: August 2011

Curtis Killorn painted tree

Curtis Killorn: Artist or vandal?

Curtis Killorn, an artist in Salida, Colo., likes his canvases au naturel. He finds and paints trees. Dead ones. Snags. The kind that a property owner might cut down. Or […]

Hey, WordPress, check this out

In a previous post about things I’d like to see added to WordPress themes, I mentioned liking dynamic features, features that change or move or work in interesting ways. WordPress […]

‘Please don’t shoot, sir’

CNN’s Sara Sidner (pronounced Side-ner) has spent most of the day reporting from in and around Gadhafi’s compound in Tripoli, Libya. What a woman! That’s right. A woman. Flak jacket, […]

The rich get rich and the poor get …

Capitol Hill’s Roll Call has released its list of 2011’s richest members of Congress. Is your devoted “public servant” on it? If not, don’t lose hope. Half the people in […]

It’s never okay

It’s that time of year again. Schools across the country are opening. School zones are firing up their warning lights and polishing up their signs. Police are watching areas they […]

Name that tune

Funny how the mind works. When it works. If it works. I was in the kitchen fixing lunch and out of the blue I recalled a line from an old […]