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Month: August 2011

Nothing new under the sun

When I logged on this morning, the first thing that caught my eye was the Sallust quotation in the sidebar: “Harmony makes small things grow, lack of it makes great […]

The Ames Games: DNC pounces on Romney gaffe

Let’s see now, it was … um … just yesterday when Gov. Mitt Romney, Republican candidate for president, declared, “Corporations are people.” And already, the Democratic National Committee has released […]

Note to self: don’t miss another debate

Today I’m regretting I missed the GOP candidates’ debate last night. Purely an oversight; I thought it was tonight. Now I’m stuck watching every pundit and their bazillion guests analyzing […]

The power of pictures

This is Texas Gov. Rick Perry. A few months ago I barely knew his name and couldn’t have picked him from a crowd. Probably still couldn’t, for that matter. But […]

Open mouth, insert foot, choke

There he was today, Gov. Mitt Romney, Republican candidate for president, addressing a crowd at the Iowa State Fair. I wasn’t paying much attention until he said, “Corporations are people, […]