‘Please don’t shoot, sir’

CNN’s Sara Sidner (pronounced Side-ner) has spent most of the day reporting from in and around Gadhafi’s compound in Tripoli, Libya. What a woman!

Sidner. Not just another pretty face

That’s right. A woman. Flak jacket, helmet. Calm voice, scarcely flinching, as Libyan rebels all around her fired guns into the air in celebration. Conducting interviews, pointing out things, moving down the street. Unflappable. When shell casings starting falling around her, she just moved over to a nearby wall. She kept talking and the camera kept rolling.

True, the gunmen around her were supposedly “friendlies,” and some seemed to know her. But it was chaotic, with a mix of rebels, passersby, and looters streaming by. No one knew where Gadhafi or his henchmen were. A bullet could have come from anywhere, fired by anyone. Indeed, there were bullets flying everywhere. But she was so calm that at one point she said politely, “Please don’t shoot, sir” to an armed man standing near her.

So pardon me for being sexist enough to note the reporter is a woman, not merely a reporter. Damn, Sara Sidner is awesome! You go, girl!


Note: If the YouTube video gets completely disabled, there’s always the source, CNN.

3 thoughts on “‘Please don’t shoot, sir’

  1. She’s da bomb! I was in awe of her yesterday, well actually will be in awe of her for the rest of my life. I want to be her when I grow up. The unbelievable courage of Sara Sidner is remarkable to say the least. Great post Type!

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