The Ames Games — A little late, but Perry is in

Just caught a line from Gov. Rick Perry’s announcement of his presidential candidacy: “I’m a Texan, and proud of it, but first and foremost I’m a proud American.” Wait …  Isn’t he the governor who not so long ago indicated a willingness to secede from the union?

Okay, give me a minute. I’m sure this going to make sense … any second now …

4 thoughts on “The Ames Games — A little late, but Perry is in

  1. I woke up (rather late I’m afraid) to all the talk and clips on CNN and, for some really strange reason, have had “Daniel Boone is a man, he’s a reeeeaaaallll man” looping in my head ever since. 🙄

  2. Curses. Pretty faced, loud mouthed, promise you anything, principleless, egotistical, presidential looking, leviathan loving, constitutionally illiterate candidates are the reason I never get to vote for someone who wins a presidential election.

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