Fox contributor pans ‘princess’ shirts for girls

9 thoughts on “Fox contributor pans ‘princess’ shirts for girls”

  1. Great post, but I do suspect an attention grabbing brouhaha was what Rios was after all along. I like the “Self-rescuing princess” t-shirt though.

  2. I really do admire your ability to see the story that’s beyond the surface of the stories on the news. This one made me imagine how can this process work? Is there someone somewhere who imagines a rant about a headline that has yet to be created, and then with strategic foresight, inspires a company to market the item about which the preconceived rant is already prepared? No, really… it has to be something bizarre like that. Otherwise, it ain’t natural. Great post.

    1. A brief look around the Internet tells me I’m in the minority about the “homework” T-shirt (the result, no doubt, of a princess T-shirt I wore 60 years ago). But I call ’em like I see ’em. As for Rios, I can’t help wondering if she figures she’s on the short bus because her parents put too many princess T-shirts on her. Meantime, JC Penney, that purveyor of evil, is getting tons of unanticipated publicity and loving every bit of it.

  3. I think that when the media needs to report on a t-shirt then they must be bored and need new ideas. I say who gives a shit about this shirt…if a mother or father buys it for her daughter so be it. I have a story they could cover that has gotten no media coverage what so ever… 16 year old girl from my community stabbed 30 times by her 20 year old boyfriend who is an illegal alien. They need to cover THAT story.

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