Carville advises White House to panic

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  1. I haven’t clicked over to the full article yet, but the bit you quoted at the end is dead on target. I know that I tend to look at the future in the bleakest colors possible, but considering the the proven propensity for our leaders to keep shooting themselves in the foot as of late – regardless of which party is in power, I have to wonder how long it will be before the military begins to question the whole “civilian authority” thing and take action to “limit” their ability to do damage. That, my friend, is a very scary potentiality.

      1. When you factor in all the “pull the trigger” psycho-rhetoric and the actual violence that rhetoric has inspired, is it really such a stretch to imagine the military viewing a government takeover by right-wing extremists as a national threat?

        My psychologists say the “nightmare scenarios” I come up with are just by-products of my depression. I think they’re logical extrapolations from known history and established trends. The fact that they tend to come true makes them impossible to ignore, however much I’d like to.

  2. This trend toward knife edged polarization in politically defined social issues began for me back when we debated arcane philosophical principles in bulletin boards on Fido-net using 300 baud modems and Commodore 64 computers. The late 1970’s. I’ve been thinking about this for a long time. I have two concrete conclusions.

    1. Ideological rebellions are always successful within the context of the ideology as it changes.
    2. Any excuse used to justify the initiation of coercive force is immoral and unethical and will eventually become the focus of an ideological rebellion.

    I equate those two observations with laws of nature and I apply them to every issue. Abortion, Medical Care, War, Rights, etc.

    Maybe you can imagine how these “laws” are reflected in the currently debated issues.

  3. Watched the interview. Thought he had some good points. I think “panic” is his way of emphasizing his concern that something needs to be done to change the public’s perception before we end up with a nut job running the country. Oh, I know many will say we already have that, and they may be right. After all, everyone’s crazy, it’s just a matter of how much. When I watch the Republican debates, the crazy meter goes fully to the right, so… Panic.

    1. Hmm, yep, we must use the same meter. Mine also goes all the way to the right, and it says very clearly “PANIC!” In big red letters. Bold. Underlined. And backlit.

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