Always another decision for parents

Parents, there is a fun little quiz over on MSNBC. At what age will you allow your daughters to get their ears pierced? Good thing I never had a little girl, I guessed, because from what I’ve seen little girls are getting their ears pierced at far younger ages than I would approve. My sisters and I weren’t allowed to pierce our ears when we were living at home and ultimately I was 30-something before I did it. I was a devout coward about it, but earrings for pierced ears are so much prettier and lighter weight.

Update, March 15, 2012: My granddaughter, who turned 6 last month, just got her ears pierced. Apparently it was a mutual mother-daughter decision. Little sparkly pink zircons, or something similar. Pretty, but I might have chosen something smaller if it had been available. Mom was careful to get the more expensive non-allergenic posts.

7 thoughts on “Always another decision for parents

  1. Jeesh. I’m stymied. I just don’t know how to answer this poll. On one hand, you’re right; ear rings are pretty on little girls and at 5 I’d be making the call. Still I remember having mine done at 5 and it hurt like hell especially on my right ear since the lady missed with the gun. 5-10 still seems ehh a little young but 11-15 seems too old and I don’t know why.

  2. I think our daughter was 7 when she had it done. My mother was ready to do it when she was about 1 or so, in her culture, girls got their ears pierced when they are babies.. my wife was thinking about 16..

  3. Personally, I think it should be up to the little girl and not their parents. As to what age that is, that’s up to them. My daughter begged to have her ears pierced when she was four. We finally let her do it when she was five. I don’t think she even wears earrings anymore.

  4. 14. It’s 14, the magic age in my family, but we hold out against a culture in which some have their ears pierced at 6 and younger. Not sure about letting a little girl decide- they can make someone look very adult. Like Tom Cruise’s daughter and her heels.

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