Month: October 2011

End of the road, Rick

Friday night, October 29, Republican presidential candidate Gov. Rick Perry delivered a speech in New Hampshire. This video shows highlights from the speech, which has to rate as one of the most bizarre political speeches ever. With any luck, it… Read More ›

Boo, humbug

While I’m doing my “Boo, humbug” thing this evening and pretending I’m not home, I hope the rest of you have a very fine spooky time, or whatever it is you like to do on Halloween. And watch out for… Read More ›

‘Tebowing’? Really?

I’m a number of years past my fanatical football fan days. But through attrition, distance, and a general shortening of my attention span, my interest has waned considerably over the last ten or fifteen years. For that reason, I didn’t… Read More ›