Whee! A Democratic ‘debate’ tonight

Tonight on MSNBC, “The Great Democratic Debate.” Oh puh-LEEZE. It’s not a “debate” when a bunch of Democrats sit around and discuss the best approach for Pres. Obama to take in his re-election campaign. Should he lean hard left and curry favor with his base? Or should he stay moderate and appeal to the middle, including the one-third of voters who are independent?

Personally, I think he’d better go hard after independents because he can’t win without them and he has lost them in droves. Of course, they might return on their own, depending on who the Republicans nominate. Which is why tonight’s so-called “debate” is so ridiculous. It’s too soon for Obama to commit to one strategy or the other. And in any case he’ll do it without consulting the network pundits.

Right now we are in a lull between Republican “debates,” which is probably the only reason MSNBC decided to have this utterly irrelevant Democratic “debate.”

2 thoughts on “Whee! A Democratic ‘debate’ tonight

  1. I agree. It’s too soon. I grudgingly concede the point about going after independents, though. It’s not like liberals are going to vote for a Republican. I say “grudgingly” because I’m part of his base and he sure as heck disappointed me with some of his “compromises,” many of which which struck me more as selling out. The whole back-door forced commerce thing with respect to health insurance is an example of that. The only people who would benefit by that plan are those in the insurance industry.

    And I really love that my non-logged avatar looks like a crab. Just saying. 😉

    1. I’m one of the independents floating around in the vast wasteland of middle America who are scratching their heads wondering who the hell they’re going to vote for next time around. I’m very unhappy with both parties right now and very unhappy with the field of potential candidates.

      If I could change the crab to a bird, I would. But I have no control over the auto-generated avatars. I think the little guy (gal?) is kinda cute.

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