Grandma got new wheels

2 thoughts on “Grandma got new wheels”

  1. I had a Forester once. It was, unfortunately, a lease, and I was bummed when I had to turn it back in. I’ve never had a car that handled better in the snow. That thing gripped the road like a puma. It was awesome. I still think it would be cool to have another one, and frankly, they look a lot cooler now than they used to. The one I had was dorky looking. It was that rear hatch – such a bad design. But the traction and handling were so good I didn’t care.

    1. I’ll admit they don’t look much like the older Foresters I see around here. And there are a lot of them. I was pretty sure Denver was the center of the Subaru universe even before the salesman told me 4 of the 5 largest Subaru dealerships in the world are here. I’m looking forward to not being such a stay-at-home this winter, and I’m already loving being at eye level with the other drivers on the road instead of admiring their axles and tailpipes.

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