Tim Tebow

‘Tebowing’? Really?

Tim Tebow
Tim Tebow

I’m a number of years past my fanatical football fan days. But through attrition, distance, and a general shortening of my attention span, my interest has waned considerably over the last ten or fifteen years.

For that reason, I didn’t know or care who Tim Tebow was when he was drafted a couple of years ago by the Denver Broncos. In fact, I only noticed because of the big flap over his “family values” Super Bowl commercial with his mom. Little did I know that the drafting of Tebow was only the beginning.

People here are crazy about him, for reasons I simply can’t fathom. If the media aren’t talking about his playing, they’re talking about his not playing. And it seemed all of Denver was determined to see him as the starting quarterback, no matter who they had to criticize, or boo, or fire to get it done. No matter that Tebow was a rookie last year and in my mind, still is. Of course now that he’s the starting QB, everyone talks about him even more. And the media don’t confine it to the sports page, either. Tebow is everywhere. What he eats, who he talks to, where he goes, etc., etc., ad nauseam. In the general news, the community news, the national news, and on the front page.

I got so fed up last week I fired off a letter to a local TV station. Stop with the Tebow talk! At least limit it to the sports news. We’re not all Broncos fans, or even football fans, let alone Tebow fans.

I suppose it’s the price one pays for living in city endowed with pro sports, but they had gotten on my last nerve. I should have known better. Suddenly I’m hearing that the new fad sweeping the country is “Tebowing.” Said to be the successor to “planking,” Tebowing, according to its official website (oh yes, there’s already a website), is “to get down on a knee and start praying, even if everyone else around you is doing something completely different.” It’s an imitation of Tim Tebow’s habit of doing the same thing on the football field.

Terrific. Obviously the world doesn’t care that (a) I’m sick of hearing about Tim Tebow and (b) it really annoys me when overly or ultra religious people make a big public deal of their religious rituals and beliefs (I can’t help it; it just does). But I also think one shouldn’t disrespect or mock someone else’s beliefs.

If I were paranoid, I might almost think all this is a huge conspiracy intended specifically to drive me to a nervous breakdown. As it is, now would be a very good time not to mention Tim Tebow in my presence.

17 thoughts on “‘Tebowing’? Really?

  1. Hey, I live in Ohio. The home of The Clowns, The Fumbles and The Suckeyes. I didn’t like Tebow when he played for Florida because I was still mad at them for beating OSU in the 2007 BCS Championship (without Tebow). And I don’t like him now that he might be the next Elway DRIVING it down the throats of The Clowns! 😥 😉

    1. I see you’re as thrilled with your local teams, and Tebow, as I am with mine. Except the Rapids. I like the Rapids (I’d be disowned by the family if I didn’t support the soccer team).

      1. Hey, I forgot about the Columbus Crew (I actually had to look them up)! I think we (they) won a couple of championships, didn’t they? Although I see they’re only 4th in the east right now… 🙄

      2. I know! I was there several times for my old job. The best view of the night sky I’ve ever seen was when I stopped the car to took a look while driving from one site to another. Absolutely breathtaking! 😀

      3. Unless you were up in the mountains, you still haven’t seen that sky at its best. But yes, it’s amazing how a few thousand extra feet of elevation changes the view.

  2. Hey did you know there is Batmaning? Yup people hang upside down and I pretty much think they’re idiots because sooner or later your feet are going to slip and well concrete meets head.

    Speaking of quarterbacks…I have a 100 million dollar quarterback on my favorite team and we still suck. Maybe they should teach him how to Tebow?

    If anyone drops down and Tebows in front of me I’m going to smack them in the back of the head, because I for one am sick of hearing about him too.

    1. Okay, Batmaning sounds pretty nuts. I just discovered last night that owling also came and went without my ever noticing. Hopefully Tebowing will pass just as quickly.

      I’d say teach that QB of yours to Tebow and then smack him in the back of the head. The combination should do it.

    1. Aww, I’m sorry. I think the Denver fans are as stunned to have won as the Steelers must be to have lost. Tebow, at best is inconsistent. If and when he gets consistent with his “winningness,” the Broncos will be awesome.

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