Gadhafi’s dead, turn on the oil

GadhafiThe Libyan rebels caught and killed Moammar Gadhafi today. I was surprised to hear it only because I had assumed that by now he’d fled the country, possibly with a big pile of those missing shoulder-fired surface-to-air missiles. Since he opted to stay in Libya as he’d sworn he would, his capture and death were inevitable. Not that I condone his killing, whether accidental or intentional, but it just never seemed likely that a pack of angry, fired up, gun-wielding rebels would be able to exercise enough self-control to capture him alive and keep him alive for any kind of trial. I can’t say I’m sorry the Libyans got to deliver the justice themselves rather than wait on some international court.

Perhaps this means that by year’s end, the U.S. will be out of both Libya and Iraq. Wouldn’t it be nice to make it a triple play and get out of Afghanistan too. Especially since we just put some troops into Uganda (as advisers only, mind you), and are running out of excuses to stay out of Syria. (Perhaps we’re waiting for another engraved invitation from the Arab League.)

Yes, I’m pretty fed up with our government and its endless wars, interventions, “humanitarian missions,” or whatever the mot du jour happens to be. I’m also annoyed with the media. Again. Gadhafi hadn’t been dead two hours before CNN started talking excitedly about how much oil Libya has and how much better it is than Saudi oil. Libyan oil, you see, is light, sweet crude — “the kind U.S. refineries love.”


4 thoughts on “Gadhafi’s dead, turn on the oil

  1. Oil-Oil! No one talks about Libyan food. Their food is delicious! And now that Gadhafi’s dead, what’s going to happen to the Libyan diaspora? I’m worried they’ll all head back home and there won’t be any good Lebanese restaurants left. Where am I going to get my farmers plate of chicken wings marinated for three days in garlic and vinegar? Am I going to have to learn these recipes?

    1. I’ll admit the media’s priorities are terribly out of whack. You’d better grab those recipes while you can, and maybe some cooking lessons to go with them, because going all the way to Tripoli for dinner is going to be a major inconvenience.

      1. Wait a second! I got “Lebanese” food mixed up with “Libyan” food! Ha! They’re totally different. Or are they? Actually, from what I can tell, they’re sort of similar. In any case, Lebanon still had major problems, so their diaspora aren’t likely to vanish any time. Awesome! Never mind, we’re still good to go. Phew! I was worried there for a second.

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