Targeting Thanksgiving

8 thoughts on “Targeting Thanksgiving”

  1. Good for you~ this so aggravating to tell employees that they can’t enjoy Thanksgiving with family and friends. I send my kids to college and tell them to work hard so they don’t wind up working in Retail. I know.

  2. I’m afraid that I’m a bit of a Grinch when it comes to the end of year holidays Pied, resulting first from having religion crammed down my throat as a child and later from having my kids brainwashed into thinking I should be willing to bankrupt the household for the sake of Christmas commercialization. But I absolutely agree that those for whom the season has special meaning should be able to enjoy it without having to work these nonsense schedules for the sake of adding extra bloat to their masters already fat bank accounts. I’ll have to check out

    1. I’ll match my Grinch to your Grinch any day. But my ire falls entirely on Christmas, which I have despised for decades as hypocritical religiosity drowned in nauseating commercialism boiling down to intense and unpleasant efforts to outdo one another on gifts given and received, not to mention annual fights about where to spend the holiday and with whom. Much of it not paid off till the following Christmas. Insanity. This is a holiday? This is fun? Bah! Humbug!

      1. I bow to the master! But let’s not forget Halloween, where our children are taught the “wisdom” of pretending to be someone else so they can extort “treats” from their neighbors by threatening to play “tricks” on them if they don’t. And people wonder why kids think the “thug” culture is so cool! 😈

  3. I think one would have to be a lunatic to go shopping over the Thanksgiving weekend in the first place. My ex-MIL and her sister used to get up at 5:00 a.m. on Black Friday to get a good spot on line for when the stores opened at 7:00. Crazy! When I used to do a lot of holiday shopping, I would just take a day off and do most of it in one trip on a weekday. This way I got to enjoy all of the decorations and storefronts without the mobs.

    1. I couldn’t agree more. Lunatics all. For some years now, I’ve refused to go anywhere near a mall between Thanksgiving and New Years. What little shopping I still do, I do online. If forced to go to a store, we do have a couple of malls out here that are still pretty lightly traveled because the suburban development they anticipated/preceded has been almost non-existent in recent years.

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