Kimmel presents updated Charlie Brown Thanksgiving

Jimmy Kimmel featured a special Charlie Brown Thanksgiving clip the other night. It captures perfectly what I saw during one particular GOP debate. My hat’s off to the people who do the Kimmel Kartoons. This is one of their best. (Despite the title, there’s no mention of Ron Paul in this video.)

Update May 11, 2012:

It appears the original video has been suppressed by someone. Hmmm. Anyway, here’s a truncated version. It cuts off the original ending, which was Herman Cain saying, “Nine, nine, nine.”



5 thoughts on “Kimmel presents updated Charlie Brown Thanksgiving

  1. The most strident, profane, outraged complaints I have ever had in my blogging experience have come from local conservatives on the very rare occasions when a comment of theirs was unapproved because of personal-attack language. “Censorship!”, they cried! You would have thought the very pillars of the United States had been attacked. Seems censorship isn’t so bad when their own side does it, eh?

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