Finally, a WordPress setting for SOPA blackout!

9 thoughts on “Finally, a WordPress setting for SOPA blackout!”

    1. I may use mine to extend my blackout beyond the hours WP has specified. Ending the blackout at 8 pm ET means my blog will light up again at 6 pm here, and that’s earlier than I’d planned.

      1. See you’re thinking like me. They are only blacking out from 8-8 and I’m thinking of doing it starting at midnight and ending at midnight. Actually I’m thinking of using yours possibly until the 24th, just haven’t made that decision yet, that’s a lot of days to post and no one be able to read but hey that’s the point.

      2. Midnight to midnight. That was my plan, too. (Great minds think alike!) I’m assuming, or hoping, that I can put up my overlay at midnight here, then the WordPress screen will black mine out from 8 am to 8 pm, and then mine will show again from 8 to midnight. I’m going to change mine to say “Stop SOPA & PIPA.”

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