R.I.P. Whitney Houston

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  1. Wonderful link to Whitney’s best. Thanks, Pied.

    She had all the assets, exceptional talent and beauty. Clearly, intelligence and poise attended too. How could such gifts could have been squandered? At what point in her life, what fork in the road, did fate nudge her in the wrong direction? Was it a bad gene, or a bad nudge? Nature or nurture? What kind of person was she, not to the public, but to her intimates? Was she selfish or personally giving?

    We know that power corrupts. Whitney Houston’s tragedy is strong evidence that success can be no less corrosive. What a tragedy.

    1. Apparently there’s no good way to prepare for extreme success and not a lot of time to learn on the fly. Maybe it’s just because they garner so much publicity, but It seems we lose too many of our greatest stars (in all fields) to the success that brings them to us in the first place.

  2. I’ve been struggling with the news myself, and I still can’t decide what I feel other than extreme sadness. The MSNBC link is great, and has all the videos I’ve been trying to choose from for a post of my own…

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