Love is a disease

8 thoughts on “Love is a disease”

  1. As an “urban hermit” with a high degree of social anxiety, my chances aren’t looking so good either. But I’ll always be a romantic at heart. Happy Valentine’s Day PT! 😀

  2. Alone again. Naturally…
    In the same leaky boat. Just another in a long line of days that fuel my suicidal ideation.
    On a more amusing note: almost used the image you posted as an avatar this morning on FB heh.
    great minds.

  3. Love the picture, Pied! (Pun intended.)

    No matter your corporeal husk at this late stage, I admire your mind and your senses of honesty and, yes, humor. Happy Valentin’s Day, Susan.

  4. Yeah, an incurable one at that. It’s better than that other disease, hate. But all this Valentine crap is pure commercialism. And yeah, I bought my wife a rose. It was only five bucks.

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