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Skyrim … doh!

*** Spoiler Alert ***

Skyrim logoWhile other people were engrossed in All Things Superbowl, I was playing Skyrim. I almost wish I hadn’t. At level 34, I was feeling pretty strong and headed out to hunt dragons. Long story short, I ended up pursuing Alduin, the top dog … er, dragon. One thing led to another until he was dead. And there I was at level 34 (out of a possible 81, supposedly), finished with the main quest line in the game. What a disappointment. Everything else now will seem very anticlimactic, a fun way to kill time, but knowing the biggest prize has already been won. I could start another character, but the current one is my favorite playing style, and I’m afraid with a second character it will feel very much like “been there, done that.” My fault, I guess. I shouldn’t have gone after the dragon. But I’m not sure I’m happy with a game that allowed me to do that at level 34. Great game otherwise.

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  1. We played a little cribbage in the early ’80s. My wife spends many hours at solitaire on her laptop. Though when our daughter comes over with her Kindle Fire, it’s Scrabble.

    I think it’s great that you play these current games, not that my opinion was requested. I’m sure I would be quickly addicted if one of those devices was connected to my TV.

    1. When my last computer-based game began to fade as players left, moving to the Xbox/TV was sort of a no-brainer. I still greatly miss the camaraderie and community of the big online games, but I was long past the time when I could sit comfortably in front of the computer for hours at a time. The Xbox puts me on the couch in the llving room, a much more comfortable (far too comfortable!) arrangement. (Not that a great new game and a great new comfortable chair couldn’t lure me back to the computer…)

  2. I chased him off around the same time, and decided not to go after him yet. Still too many things to do. I’m sitting at level 46 right now, and I haven’t even touched on the civil war quests yet. If you haven’t done the civil war, I think you can still do these even after slaying Alduin.

    Now, here’s the kicker. Two days ago my Xbox went out and I had to send it to MS for repairs. So now I’m stuck with no Skyrim for a couple weeks. What to do? It’s amazing what a hole is left in the wake of Skyrim. Last night I watched American Idol with my wife. It was sad.

    1. Ooo, I would have serious withdrawal problems without my Xbox. As for the game, I really wish I’d left Alduin alone, although having gotten him doesn’t seem to have cut off any of my other quest lines (I may have trouble with Blades though; I’ve read killing Parthanax (sp?) can be a problem if you kill Alduin first. Besides, I don’t want to kill Parth. I like him!) I finished the civil war quests; sided with the Empire. Working on Thieves Guild now, reluctantly. I don’t like being a “bad guy” but needed to get to the master level archery trainer. Mostly I’m working on smaller side quests. Several seem broken (like the one where you get drunk and wake up someplace else). Very frustrating.

      Hope MS fools you and gets your box back to you SOON! (They won’t be erasing your game saves, will they? They wouldn’t dare!)

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