This is Colorado

I’d like to call your attention to the widget I’ve added to the sidebar, This Is Colorado. It features, with permission, the photography of Erik Stensland, a professional photographer based in Estes Park, Colorado. Nobody captures Rocky Mountain National Park better than Stensland. Click on the photos to see larger versions on his website, Images of RMNP, along with technical details and notes about each photo. Also be sure to check his Morning Light website for photos of the American Desert Southwest, the Pacific Northwest, and the United Kingdom.

4 thoughts on “This is Colorado

    1. NP. His work is my ticket to the park when I can’t get there. And the park is … well, I’ve never found the right words to describe what those mountains mean to me.

  1. Thanks for the link – Estes is one of my favorite places – spent a lot of time camping as a kid, later dragged my own family up those trails there as often as possible, and still try to get back ( and envy my cousins who live nearby). SIgh. Needed this mountain fix.

    1. Estes is my favorite place in the world. Have been vacationing there (almost no place else) since I was a kid. For years I’ve sought a way to actually live there, but I’m neither very wealthy nor willing and able to live a very spartan life. These days I am reluctantly conluding that I just don’t want to live that far from doctors and hospitals and the conveniences of the city.

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