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Those darn kids

Snow in Denver, Feb. 3
Snow in Denver, Feb. 3

Flush ice cubes down the toilet, wear your pajamas inside out, put a spoon under your pillow, put a white crayon and/or a penny in the freezer, tape a button to the ceiling, leave ice cubes on your porch, and/or wear a colored sock on one foot.

What do these activities have in common? Parents of school-age kids probably know; they are things kids do to bring on a snow day. Had I not grown up in Oklahoma and raised my son there, I might have known that.

I’d never heard of any of these superstitions until a TV news report this evening showed a mighty-pleased-with-himself boy boasting about having done some of these things last night. And he’s a believer now for sure because Denver got dumped on big-time today. I’ve got maybe 14″ in my yard now and it’s still coming down. Darn those kids anyway!

I checked with my daughter-in-law to see if my grandkids had anything to do with it. She said the only thing they do is put their ski trail maps in the freezer. I suggested they put them in a different part of the freezer, since none of this snow landed up on the slopes. It’s all down here in town and out on the plains. I-70 is closed all the way to the Kansas border.

At least the storm wasn’t a surprise. The forecasters had been warning us about it for several days. I stocked in plenty of groceries and have no plans to go out for a couple of days. Ah, the joys of retirement. No need to battle the snow to get to work. And no kids at home driving me crazy on their snow day.

Drifting was a problem
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