Pat Robertson, good Christian sports analyst

9 thoughts on “Pat Robertson, good Christian sports analyst”

  1. The fact that so many “celebrities” wave their insanity around like a banner they think everyone should follow is the primary reason I avoid all forms of “entertainment” news. Tim Tebow may well end up being a hall of fame class player, but Peyton Manning already is and, I far as I know, he’s classy enough to keep his personal crap to himself. As for Pat Robertson, about the only thing I’ve heard from him that didn’t make my head hurt was when he came out for marijuana legalization. But since I didn’t actually listen to his statement myself, his reasoning could have been just as twisted as it’s always been. Taking one stand I agree with after years spouting dangerous nonsense isn’t nearly enough to change a devil into a saint.

    I hope Tebow and Manning both have great futures a football players, but exposing the dark side of big money sports and playing into a sick media melodrama isn’t exactly painting them, or the NFL, in glory!

  2. Pat Robertson is Mr. Placebo Effect for aspiring bible-thumpers everywhere, and he might actually be learning on the job. Having found that he is ineffective at steering hurricanes he just might have found a much more successful forte as a sports commentator. If Manning so much as stubs his toe from now on Robertson’s masses will be seeing truthiness in his prophesy. Poor Denver. Might as well change their name to the Denver Devils.

    Say, that’s got a ring to it! 😆

    1. Denver Devils does have a nice ring to it, but we are a hotbed of both extreme liberals and extreme conservatives. A neutral name like Broncos helps avoid civil war.

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