Happy April Fools Day

Sorry, no pranks here. I blew my best chance when I posted “… And penguins can fly” a few days ago. Besides, I can be a very humorless person at times. Like now. I’m still nursing an unhappy eye and that makes me unhappy, uncomfortable, and irritable. And trust me, you don’t want to play pranks on me when I’m unhappy, uncomfortable, and irritable. That would include any pranks that involve waking me from a sound sleep at a time not of my choosing. So to spare you my sullenness on this day of jocularity, I’ll refer you to Motley News, where Michelle (aka “She Speaks”) has laid out a lavish banquet of levity. Enjoy.

Categories: holidays

5 replies

  1. “…a lavish banquet of levity.” I like that! Ugh… I can never write this good. Thanks for the linkback!

  2. Sorry to here your eye is still giving you fits… I think!😉

    Seriously though, I really hope it gets better sooner than later.😀

“The opinions of others should not deter you from being yourself.” ~ Lailah Gifty Akita

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